How to Install a WordPress Website

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Not sure how to install WordPress? With WPBlazer, you can launch a new site quickly and easily. You can also install your favorite plugins and themes at the same time.

Before starting, make sure you have an active domain name that is ready to use. 

Opening the install page

The first step is to open the Site Details page. This is where you make key choices and launch the installation.

Click to open the installation page.

There are seven fields to fill in. The first field is Site Name.

Selecting site hosting

Add hosting information to the next field. Before installing WordPress, you need to provide details about the hosting location and service type.

There are two hosting choices: existing and new.

To install WordPress on an existing service, click the window below Select Hosting and then choose an option on the drop-down menu.

To set a new service, click the button below the Select Hosting window. The Enter Hosting Details displays.


Click the window below Type on the Enter Hosting Details page. If you select Cpanel, enter the login details.


At the bottom of the page, select your hosting service (e.g. Shared, VPS, etc.) on the drop-down menu. 

FTP options

Instead of Cpanel, you could select FTP or a related option (i.e. FTPS or SFTP). If you choose one of these options, enter account information (e.g. domain, host, port, etc.) and database configuration details (e.g. name, database login, and password).

When you finish entering information about the new hosting service, click Submit at the bottom of the Enter Hosting Details page. 

Entering site details

Back on the Site Details page, fill in the next three fields:

  • Site URL
  • Site User Name
  • Site Password

Selecting plugins and themes

With WPBlazer, you can install plugins and themes and WordPress at the same time.

Click the window below Plugin/Theme Installation and select an option.

  • Click Groupwise to install a predefined set of group plugins and themes.
  • Click Customize to select the items you want to install during the WordPress installation.

Launching the installation

After making your selections, click the Install WordPress button at the bottom of the page.

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