Managing Hosting Services

Simplify account management
Written by girithara prakash
Updated 3 years ago

If you run multiple sites for different clients, you likely need to access to a variety of hosting accounts. Managing those accounts and log in credientials can be time consuming -- especially if you change passwords on a regular basis.

WPBlazer simplifies that work. You can manage access to multiple accounts from a single admin page.

Opening the hosting page

On the WPBlazer dashboard, hover the mouse pointer on the Account icon and then click Plans & Billing on the drop-down menu. 


Scroll down the left menu and then click Hosting under the INTEGRATION heading.  

Adding an account

To add a service, click the Add Hosting button at the of the page.

Fill in the fields on the Enter Hosting Details page. The information requirements are different for each type of service (e.g. Cpanel, FTP, etc.).

After you finish, click the Submit button to save.

Editing account details

To change account information, locate the service on the Hosting Details page and then click the Edit icon.

On the Hosting page, change information as required and then click the Submit button.

Deleting an account

To remove an account, locate the service on the Hosting Details page and then click the Delete icon.

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