How to Use the Analytics Tools to Track Ranking

Use big data to improve search results
Written by girithara prakash
Updated 3 years ago

Analytics is a knowledge tool that uses data to gain insights into performance. When you have the right data, analytics can highlight patterns and identify opportunities that might not be easy to see using conventional management practices.

Analytics is big business. In professional sports, many top teams use analytics to evaluate athletes and make decisions about hiring. In the online world, business owners use analytics to evaluate website performance and identify strategic areas that need improvement. 

To help you evaluate website performance, WPBlazer offers four analytics tools. They are:

  • Top Ranked Keywords
  • Top Pages
  • Top Backlinks
  • Track Ranking

Opening the analytics pages

You can access all four tools from the same menu.

From the WPBlazer app dashboard, select a site and then click the Dashboard icon. A new page displays.  


On the new page, hover the mouse pointer on the menu icon that sits second from the top.

On the popup panel, click the Analytics menu tab and then select the tool you want to open. A new page displays.  


Using Top Ranked Keywords

This tool shows website visits by keyword and search engine. The line graph represents data in the table.

Sort the table data by search engine, keyword, or number of visits. 


Using Top Pages

This tool shows page visits by keyword and search engine. Sort the table data by search engine, website page, or number of visits.  

Using Top Backlinks

This tool shows website visits by domain with a backlink. 

Sort the table data by the domain or number of visits.  

Using Track Ranking

This tool shows you how sites rank for various keywords on Google and Google Mobile.

You can select a site that is part of your WPBlazer app or enter the URL for a different site, which is a handy feature if you want to see how your competition is ranking.

Sort the table data by keyword or Google rank.  


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