How to Analyse Social Signals

Track social media engagement
Written by girithara prakash
Updated 3 years ago

WPBlazer's social signals tool tracks content engagement in the social media universe. 

A social signal is a measurable reaction to your content on social media. Likes, views, pins, and shares are examples of signals. The more social signals you get, the more popular the content. Online popularity - which is called social SEO -- is bound to generate hits on your website. 

Social signals likely play a role in page ranking, too. Though the ingredients that go into Google's page ranking algorithm are a well-guarded secret sauce, many SEO experts believe social SEO has an impact on page ranking.

Opening the social signals page

From the WPBlazer app dashboard, select a site and then click the Dashboard icon. A new page displays.

On the new page, hover the mouse pointer on the menu icon that sits third from the top.

On the popup panel, click Social Signals. A new page displays.

Viewing the data

Click the Update Signals button at the top of the page to refresh the data.

At the bottom of the page, a table lists the number of social media engagements for each website page for several platforms.

Click the arrows to sort data or use the Search tool to find a specific page.

The top of the page presents table information in a line graph.

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