Creating a Client Report

Build trust with reports that quantify activity
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Client Report is a tool that summarizes key site information, activity, and changes. Each report is made with an easy-to-read template. You can view the report online or download a PDF.

Opening the report page

On the WPBlazer dashboard, hover the mouse pointer on the Account icon and then click Plans & Billing on the drop-down menu.    

Scroll down the left menu and then click Client Report under the DEVELOPER heading.  

In the top menu, click the website name near the blaze icon to open the site dashboard. Locate the site that needs a report and then check the box.

Click the Manage button and then the X in the top right corner to close the dashboard.

Creating a client report

Click the New Report button. A new page displays.

On the Generate New Report page, click the DATE RANGE field and then select an option: Last Month or Last Week.

Check at least two boxes of information to include in the report. Or, check the Select All box.

Click Submit to generate a report.

Vieiwng a report

Locate the report you want to open and then click the View PDF icon. The report opens in a browser tab.

To save the report to your computer, click the Download icon on the PDF reader menu bar.

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