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Running multiple websites for one, or more, clients is a time-management challenge. Savvy managers understand that repetitive tasks can pull you away from the core mission - serving clients and building a business. If routine functions seem to be gobbling up more of your focus, it's time to streamline and automate.

That's where WPBlazer can help.

The WPBlazer app contains a suite of time-saving tools to access and manage all, some, or just one of your website projects. 

Organize sites

If your portfolio contains a large number of sites, you'll appreciate the time-saving value of the Group tool. Quickly launch and complete essential tasks, like updating or deactivating plugins, by clicking a couple of buttons. 

Streamline tasks

Forget about jumping from site to site to perform routine tasks. Run a robust suite of admin tools from a single dashboard with access to multiple sites.

  • install the latest version of WordPress
  • publish bulk posts
  • manage comments, tags, and categories
  • update plugins and themes
  • monitor site uptime
  • conduct performance audits
  • and more

Automate backups

Backups are an essential part of client work and your business.

Use the scheduling tool to set the frequency of backups and the storage destination -- and then forget about it.

Faster security checks

Keeping sites safe is a critical part of client work. The WPBlazer dashboard helps you run security checks with maximum efficiency.

True, you can't run security checks on multiple sites at the same time. You can, however, switch sites from a single dashboard -- no need to jump from site to site.


As a business owner, time is your most valuable asset. WPBlazer helps grow your client base by achieving more in less time.

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